Stories wanted

Do you have an inspirational outdoor learning story to share? We’re looking for yours! We are especially interested in stories from youth, parents and teachers. Take just a few

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minutes to tell us about something inspiring that happened this year. This is NOT a contest. It’s a way to capture outdoor learning taking place around Madison.

Did you witness something touching? A discovery? Kids eating something new? A breakthrough in learning? An unexpected moment of peace? Friendships fostered in the outdoors? Or simply something funny? You may have seen changes in your own teaching choices, or noticed simple strategies to help kids use garden spaces to calm themselves.

We’ll include your story in a compilation of story shorts featured right here on the GROW web site. One story a week will be featured on our Facebook page throughout the Fall of 2012. If you have digital photos, even better. Be sure to include the location of the story (where the outing took place). If you send us photos of youth, send us a scanned copy of your organization’s photo release. Or, we’ll need to send you a GROW photo release that you’ll have to have their parents sign and send to us.

Send your story in an email message, up to 500 words, and your picture(s) (up to 3 digital photos) to the Madison Grow Coalition. In the Subject line, please list STORIES.

Our email address:

That’s madisongrowcoalition [at] yahoo [dot] com.Deadline: July 31, 2012.


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