Outdoor Professional Learning gets Teachers Fired Up

From Nicole Nelson, MMSD GROW Pilot Program Coordinator
October 8, 2013

Last week, two GROW schools hosted a whole-staff Garden-Based Education Professional Development. They were held at Toki MS (Mary Goonan from SHMS presented) and at Muir Elementary (Susie Hobart and Martha Stryker presented). Thank you to Toki and Muir for fitting Garden-based Education into your precious Professional Development schedule!

Toki PD 2

Muir held their PD outside in the garden and woods (it was such a beautiful day!!). Teachers first explored the garden/woods and then answered three questions on post-its in regards to teaching outdoors: 1) What I’m doing already. 2) What I’d like to do. 3) What I need/fear. These responses will help the PD team plan for how to best support teachers in outdoor education. Susie followed up by asking teachers to complete an Outdoor Classroom Curriculum Web to help Muir’s staff make connections between their curricula and the garden. Martha ended the session by demonstrating a fun outdoor “Morning Meeting” activity.

The energy and growth demonstrated by this professional learning community is palpable, particularly when they gather outdoors! Kudos to all.

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