Who we are

Grass Roots | Outdoor Wonder is a collective of organizations, groups, parents, teachers and youth who promote outdoor learning in and around Madison, Wisconsin.

The GROW Coalition of Greater Madison formed in 2011 to promote outdoor learning in our community. GROW stands for “Grass Roots Outdoor Wonder.” Our coalition members recognize the many benefits of discovery and wonder in learning. We believe that any effort to promote long-term, responsible stewardship of our food and ecological systems requires young people, families and educators to experience outdoor learning. Through meaningful outdoor experiences, we believe people learn to care more deeply.

We will promote outdoor learning opportunities by sharing ideas and resources, encouraging participation by diverse groups of youth and families, and building on rich assets that already exist in Greater Madison. We will also work to shape systems and policy in our community to incorporate sustainability as a key component of high-quality education for the 21st century.

Join us outside.

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